In the 60s, the French also tried to create micro mutants from genetically modified woodlice. Unfortunately, they proved to be lazy and uncontrollable. For this reason, the project was abandoned, but the Wooderelice survived by hiding in garbage bins and damp cellars.
They are now the dregs of the micro-mutants, considered as insignificant and repugnant by their peers. They are agressive, alcoholics and undisciplined which is why the others micro mutants drive them away and force them to take refuge in refuse. 
But, in recent days, disturbing rumours have been heard... It would appear that real armies of Wooderelice have been sighted all over France. Wooderelice forming organized groups? Let's not be paranoid! That's impossible! And in any case capitalism is too powerful to let that happen! But...if these rumours were true...?

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Bases upgrades (the cards are not finished yet)

Shooting training (pile of garbage)
If the Molotov cocktail lands on its bottle side, you can relaunch it once from the place where it is. Furthermore, on a die marked "Vandal", you can launch a Molotov cocktail from the base " pile of garbage ".

Hey you there! (pile of garbage)
If the agitator is on his special side after moving, you can play an insect of your choice (as  an additional throw) instead of rethrowing a die. You can play it only once by round; if another agitator special side is played, you have to roll the die normally. This does not replace your additional throw if you have one.

Overflowing (box)
You can now have up to two additional throws in the same round, if you eliminate at least two insects. The second additional throw can be given by the insect played during the first additional throw.

New squat (box)
If one (or both) of your secondary bases is destroyed, you can buy back a small base of the same type for one resource. This one can then be improved, normally by paying two resources, even if the improvements of this base were already bought.

Specials thanks to Luke Martin for his help to translate Wooderelice rules in english.