Les Cartes Evolution

Je vous mets le début des cartes évolution. Je mettrais a jour ce message quand j'aurai fini.
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The Wooderelice army

In the 60s, the French also tried to create micro mutants from genetically modified woodlice. Unfortunately, they proved to be lazy and uncontrollable. For this reason, the project was abandoned, but the Wooderelice survived by hiding in garbage bins and damp cellars.They are now the dregs of the micro-mutants, considered as insignificant and repugnant by their peers. They are agressive, alcoholics and undisciplined which is why the others micro mutants drive them away and force them to take refuge in refuse.  But, in recent... [Lire la suite]
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Nouvelle menace...

Ils viennent du ciel, ils sont moches, teigneux, ils se reproduisent à une vitesse incroyable et n'ont aucun respect pour la vie (pas plus pour la leur que celle de leur adversaire).Ce sont les Moustigobs!Bientôt des détails supplémentaires...
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