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Micro-Mutants Reloaded proposes brand new stuff for your Micro-Mutants Evolution game. This weblog is mainly in french, but I'm going to translate the main things in english with my small language skills... The most exciting stuff you'll find here is brand new armies! So the first thing to do is to buy cheap stuff to build them without ruining tons of new MME boxes. Here are some links to a website where you can buy counters and dices according to the original game standards : Small round counters...(22X1,7mm/bags of 40) ... [Lire la suite]
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Micro-mutants reloaded organises an Army Creation Contest. Click on the flaming insect, and you'll download the pdf file that explains everything. In this document, you'll find five drawings of insects : up to you to create a full Micro Mutants Evolution army from this. Send us your ideas before june 30th, 2008, and if you're army is the best of all*, a nice gift is waiting for you. So download the file, and be creative!*The judges are : the Micro-Mutants Reloaded team, plus, and that's great, the authors of the game, M. Maggi and... [Lire la suite]
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As the Gasterorists army, the Myrmyztecs english version will be available soon. Just a little more patience, Ants are hard-workers.
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Important changes for myrmyztecs ! I'll post new species cards soon ! Updates for: Solar punishment: When one priestess is on her special face and when there is at least two prisonsers, you can make a SOLAR PUNISHMENT: put the two sacrified units in the opponent's graveyard and take three meteor tokens. Just let it fall from your hand on the ame where you want two rulers high. All units captured this way are killed! Pheromon: Pheromon is used to guide the ants. When you throw a pheromon, you can place next to it a unit... [Lire la suite]
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The Myrmyztec Translation is finally over. You just have to download the stickers here and download the english PDF here:myrmyztecsdefinitif It is the last updated version of myrmyztecs, the french version is not updated yet! It would not have been possible to translate correctly this army without the help of my friends Eric and Terry, so thanks a lot to them !! Thanks to the illustrators janfi and M.F too ! Please feel free to comment this army, tell me if you like it, and I would be proud and very happy to know... [Lire la suite]
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The Wooderelice army

In the 60s, the French also tried to create micro mutants from genetically modified woodlice. Unfortunately, they proved to be lazy and uncontrollable. For this reason, the project was abandoned, but the Wooderelice survived by hiding in garbage bins and damp cellars.They are now the dregs of the micro-mutants, considered as insignificant and repugnant by their peers. They are agressive, alcoholics and undisciplined which is why the others micro mutants drive them away and force them to take refuge in refuse.  But, in recent... [Lire la suite]
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